MTV Geek:

Let’s be very clear about this: Cards Against Humanity was by far the most frequently played tabletop game at PAX East. You couldn’t walk two feet without tripping over a game, and I mean that quite literally. With all of the gaming tables full, you found yourself stepping around games of Cards Against Humanity sprawled out across the floor.

If you’re not already familiar with Cards Against Humanity, know that it is simply Apples to Apples for the truly twisted. The deck of cards reads like an index of Urban Dictionary mixed with every variety of offensive term the human mind can conjure. In short, it’s a tiny black box of hilarity, assuming nobody in your group is of the uptight sort.

Designer Max Temkin brought a few hundred copies of the perpetually sold-out game, and they were snatched up in short order. During a presentation in PAX’s Kickstarter Arcade, Temkin revealed that production on Cards Against Humanity has ramped up into the tens of thousands of units, solidifying it’s status as a breakout success, and the hobby gaming community’s lack of souls.