We finished the fifth expansion.


Cards Against Humanity writing retreat this weekend, we’re working on some new cards.


Cards Against Humanity’s “$5 More” Black Friday Sale

A lot of people have been curious about how our “everything costs $5 more" Black Friday sale worked, and if it was successful for us.

The Idea

This is a difficult time of year for us because we spend almost no money on marketing, and it’s easy for us to get lost in the noise and money of the holiday season.

We initially started talking about doing a Black Friday sale over the summer, and came up with the idea of a “$0.01 off” coupon. I liked the idea, but have always maintained a policy of no deals, no discounts, and no sales  for Cards Against Humanity, even during our Kickstarter. To me the game is always $25, it’s never another price, and doing any kind of deal or discount undermines the simplicity and honesty of the game.

After some discussion, Ben came up with the idea of raising the price for Black Friday and that was so outrageous that I fell in love with it instantly. Two books I read recently that informed my decision were Malcom Gladwell’s David and Goliath and Marty Neumeier’s Zag, which are both kind of shitty business/science books that make the somewhat-obvious point that being small and nimble can give you advantages that huge lumbering opponents don’t have. Anyone can do a sale for Black Friday, but nobody but us could get away with raising their prices and risking a ton of sales just to make a joke.

The other guys were pretty skeptical, but Ben and I convinced them one by one, 12 Angry Men style, until they agreed to let us try a truly insane pricing experiment. The final piece needed to convince everyone was the mockup of the landing page that I designed, with the glowing “consume!” button. Once everyone saw how funny that looked, they knew we had to go through with it.


Nothing crazy here. I put together a landing page and we replaced all the “buy” buttons on our site with the new pricing. I edited the FAQ to include:

Why do all of your products cost more today?

We’re participating in the tradition of “Black Friday,” an American holiday celebrating a time when the Wampanoag tribe saved the settlers of Plymouth Colony with incredible deals. All of our products are $5 more today only, so you can enjoy buying them that much more.

I’m mad that you’re making a joke about Black Friday.

You’re probably a bad person.

We called our contact at Amazon and explained the idea for the sale to them. They thought it was funny but were also pretty annoyed - apparently monkeying with pricing on the biggest sales day of the year isn’t as funny to Amazon as it is to us.


The sale made people laugh, it was widely shared on Twitter and Tumblr, and it was the top post on Reddit. The press picked it up, and it was reported in The GuardianUSA TodayPolygonBuzzFeedAll Things DChicagoist, and AdWeek. It was even the top comment on The Wirecutter’s front page AMA, which had nothing to do with us.

I was pretty sure that our fans would be into the “$5 more” sale, but I had no idea that it would turn a day where we’d normally be totally overlooked into a huge press hit for the game.


So how did we do? A little better than last year. We kept our position as the best-selling toy or game on Amazon. My guess is that peoples’ buying decisions just weren’t that affected by $5.

The interesting thing to note is that we got a nice lift in our sales the day after Black Friday (“Regret Saturday”). That might be from people who were waiting to buy the game until it came back down in price, or, more likely, those are sales from people who heard about the game after our Black Friday press. Not bad for an ad that paid us to run it.


By Grabthar’s Hammer, what a savings!

  • Q: Why do all of your products cost more today?
  • A: We're participating in the tradition of "Black Friday," an American holiday celebrating a time when the Wampanoag tribe saved the settlers of Plymouth Colony with incredible deals. All of our products are $5 more today only, so you can enjoy buying them that much more.

Amazing Black Friday savings at CardsAgainstHumanity.com.


The Fourth Expansion is out.


The Fourth Expansion is out.


You guys! I’ve spent the last six months working on this project for Cards Against Humanity, the 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit.

It’s pretty simple:

There’s only 100,000 slots available and 15,000 have already sold, so make sure you grab yours quickly.




Pax Prime 2013

Hey Tumblr friends! PAX Prime is almost here, and I’ve been working for the last few months to get ready for it. Here’s what I’ll be up to:

  • Cards Against Humanity: We’ve got an enormous booth (I designed it!) on the skybridge connecting the two show floors. We’re going to be launching a brand new product (above), as well as giving away some exclusive stuff for PAX. We’ve also got some goodies in the PAX swag bags.
  • Story War and Machine of Death: Two of my favorite Kickstarter board games will be joining us in the Cards Against Humanity booth.
  • Werewolf: If you’re a backer of my Werewolf project, come say hi and I’ll hook you up with a prototype deck.
  • Samurai Gunn: Beau and I will be demoing Samurai Gunn in the Indie MEGABOOTH at booth 763.

I’ve also got a couple panels and events:

  • Wednesday at 5pm I’m giving a talk at PAX Dev with Phil Tibitoski (Octodad) and Rami Ismail (Vlambeer, Ridiculous Fishing)
  • Wednesday at 7pm I’m doing a signing and giving away some free stuff at Card Kingdom
  • Friday at 4pm I’m hosting the Spelunky Video Armageddon with Doug Wilson (J.S. JOUST), Zach Gage (Spell Tower), C418 (Minecraft), and Greg Wohlwend (Hundreds) in the Kraken streaming theater
  • Friday at 7pm I’ll be at the Chainsawsuit Live show with Kris Straub, Mikey Neumann, Brad Muir, Bobak Ferdowsi, and Abby Howard
  • Saturday at 2pm I’ll be on the Kickstarter panel in the Unicorn Theater
  • Saturday at 8pm I’ll be at (maybe on?) the Giant Bomb panel in the Pegasus theater
  • Sunday at 5:30pm we’re doing a live Cards Against Humanity show at the Triple Door with the Nerdologues and some special guests
  • Sunday at 9:30pm we’ve got the Cards Against Humanity panel in the Kraken streaming theater; this year we’re going to be joined by some special guests to remember our friend Ryan Davis and test out some cards he wrote for us
  • Monday at 1pm in the Raven theater I organized a panel with my friends Matthew Baldwin (Defective Yeti), Dikla Tuchman (The Seattle Star), and Boyan Radakovich (TableTop) to talk about how to host an amazing board game night

Anyway, I’ve got a busy week and I’m really excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on for the last few months. See you at PAX!

P.S. If this is your first PAX, don’t miss Matthew Baldwin’s PAX Primer and Tom Douglas’s guide to Seattle food.


Cards Against Humanity is now made in the United States of America.


We’re officially moved in to an office!

Cards Against Humanity rented this old pharmacy in Logan Square and turned it into a coworking space for ourselves and some really cool people here in Chicago.

We’ve had a busy four months of construction, redesigned the interior of the space, and even designed our own furniture with materials we salvaged from the original interior.

Our friend KC made these amazing custom window treatments for us, and me, Jana, and Brent painted and decorated the space.

There’s eight amazing people working here, mostly on projects they began on Kickstarter:

We’ve also opened up one desk as a kind of residency - every three months, we’ll invite a really cool person to come in and work on a new project with us, and we’ll cover their rent. We’re really happy to have Mike Boxleiter of Mikengreg here now, working on a new game. 

Me and Rob Loukotka have also rented an art studio next door (I’ll post pictures of the studio soon) - he’s working on his ACME prints and building out a wood shop and I’m working on a screen printing studio.

This whole space is one of the my favorite things that I’ve ever made, and it’s totally already worth it, because now I get to work with these incredible people every day.

There’s already some really cool things happening at the office (last night Shawnimals were here working with us on a secret new project; right now Ryan from The Men Who Wear Many Hats is here working on Organ Trail), and I’m looking forward to tons of game nights and talks and all kinds of amazing things in the future.



I made these 40 mins before the counter-protest [at Vassar]. Trust me I know they’re sloppy, but the idea came to me when I was in class so I didn’t have much time.