I’ve been traveling around a couple of cities on public transportation the last few weeks, and I keep having the same embarrassing situation at the turnstile gate. No matter how much I prepare in advance, when I go to swipe my card, I have to try it like three different ways before I finally get it right while meanwhile everyone behind me silently hates me.

Mostly I am not a complete idiot - I can follow simple instructions on, let’s say, a package of cookie dough - but the design of transit cards is really disorienting to me. There’s the clipped corner on one side, the punch hole on the other, the vertical orientation combined with a horizontal magnet stripe, and the haphazard design. Many of these features give you contradictory information about which side is “up.”

I threw together a mockup of a transit card for the CTA and the MTA with some improvements:

  • A gesture pictogram showing the right way to swipe the card
  • Clearly differentiated colors on front and back of the card so it is obvious how to swipe it
  • I cut extraneous information on the card so it’s easier to find the parts that are actually important
  • Though the CTA and MTA cards reference the CTA/MTA respectively several times, neither mention the name of their city
  • Simple route diagram

P.S. A little thing about language - the CTA card includes no instructions in Spanish, and the MTA card seems to randomly dispense some cards entirely in English and some cards entirely in Spanish. The newer card vending machines ask your language preference when you buy the card, like an ATM. As long as they’re asking, the machines should really just use that data to dispense the appropriate card.

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    Well done! Although, did you hear about NYC selling space on their card to advertisers?
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    They do display the swiping information on the turnstile, but that’s not the first place people look, so kudos for...
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    I dig this.
  6. somnule said: The transit cards for the SF Bay Area don’t have magnetic strips at all - you just hover the card over the reader. You don’t even have to take it out of your wallet - it saves a lot of trouble.
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