I am appalled by Bridezillas. I should make it clear that I have never seen an episode of the reality show. I hate Bridezillas for one simple reason: Bride does not rhyme with god. Ergo, Bridezillas is not a functioning pun.

The point is significant because bridezilla appears to be symptomatic of a wider malaise: the death of the American pun, replaced by something grosser, dumber, uglier. Examples abound: Take one of the most read websites in the world, Wikipedia, a “pun” on encyclopedia that shares nothing but its suffix. Or techpreneur, the loathsome fusion of technology and entrepreneur. Likewise mansplain, a coinage that adroitly glosses a man addressing a woman in a condescending fashion but is still not a functioning pun. Manscaping, the removal of all or part of male body hair, is better - there is at least assonance between the vowel sounds in man and land - but as a pun it remains perilously borderline.

So if recessionista and fembot are not really puns, what are they? They’re neolexic portmanteaus, in which root words are brutally slammed together with cavalier lack of wit. “Neolexic portmanteau” is a mouthful, so instead we shall choose a simpler handle. Sherry-manteau, catastrounity, misceg-formation, piss-poortmanteau, and poor-man’s-toes all proffer themselves as alternatives, but they are still laborsome. Therefore, I christen these neolexic portmanteaus adjoinages - a functioning portmanteau pun, in case you failed to see, on adjoin and coinage.

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  2. halrenna said: Who ever said those things were puns in the first place? I never thought of them as puns nor have I heard them called such, really. What a silly rant.
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    The part of my soul that is in essence Statler and Waldorf says, “ohohoho” to this article.
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    adjoinage tho.
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