We’re officially moved in to an office!

Cards Against Humanity rented this old pharmacy in Logan Square and turned it into a coworking space for ourselves and some really cool people here in Chicago.

We’ve had a busy four months of construction, redesigned the interior of the space, and even designed our own furniture with materials we salvaged from the original interior.

Our friend KC made these amazing custom window treatments for us, and me, Jana, and Brent painted and decorated the space.

There’s eight amazing people working here, mostly on projects they began on Kickstarter:

We’ve also opened up one desk as a kind of residency - every three months, we’ll invite a really cool person to come in and work on a new project with us, and we’ll cover their rent. We’re really happy to have Mike Boxleiter of Mikengreg here now, working on a new game. 

Me and Rob Loukotka have also rented an art studio next door (I’ll post pictures of the studio soon) - he’s working on his ACME prints and building out a wood shop and I’m working on a screen printing studio.

This whole space is one of the my favorite things that I’ve ever made, and it’s totally already worth it, because now I get to work with these incredible people every day.

There’s already some really cool things happening at the office (last night Shawnimals were here working with us on a secret new project; right now Ryan from The Men Who Wear Many Hats is here working on Organ Trail), and I’m looking forward to tons of game nights and talks and all kinds of amazing things in the future.

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