We have a saying in the Army, “hurry up and wait”. When I finally finished some work and headed out of the TOC this morning I noticed a group of my friends, the mortars, hurrying up and waiting outside. They’d been on standby half the night waiting on a mission to commence. They were obviously hours into complete, agonizing boredom and I can’t be sure what they were more desperate for, sleep or a reason to laugh.

So instead of going to sleep I pulled out Cards Against Humanity and within seconds we were all bursting with laughter. Folks came from all over the COP to investigate just what the hell was so damned hilarious, and it seemed every minute we were recruiting new players. Folks who’d never heard of the game could watch for ten seconds and already master the simple rules. In reality it seemed the only rule was: laugh. A lot.

We love sendingĀ Cards Against Humanity to troops overseas. If you or anyone you know is currently deployed, let me know and we’ll send them a copy.

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