Orange County Register:

Two students who were declared the winners of Troy High School’s top student political offices in April will not assume their posts this fall, after one of the candidates broke into a school database and discovered the election was rigged by the school’s ASB faculty adviser.

Troy High School senior Jacob Bigham, 17, was suspended for five days last spring after he broke into his Fullerton school’s student database to prove that the school’s student body adviser hand-picked the candidates she wanted for Associated Student Body president and vice president. Bigham of Buena Park got the most votes running as ASB vice president, but was permanently removed from ASB as punishment for breaking into the Troy database.

Jenny Redmond, a Troy special-education teacher, has resigned as ASB adviser. Troy senior Jacob Bigham, who revealed that the candidates named ASB president and ASB vice president weren’t the top vote-getters, received a five-day suspension and was stripped of his ASB office, he said.

The actual winner of the Associated Student Body presidency, senior Ryan Daliwal, will assume Troy’s top student post when school begins Aug. 27. Bigham, who ran for and won the ASB vice presidency, will not be allowed to take office; second-place finisher Taylor Kang will be ASB vice president for 2012-13.


On Tuesday, the superintendent confirmed Bigham would face no further discipline in the matter, including for a disparaging text message he sent to Redmond in April in which he criticized her “blatant disregard for others’ opinions” and suggested she still had “a few more nails to hammer into the coffin of logic.”

Someone get this kid a job in journalism, we need him.

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