A couple of my favorite cards from the Fifth Expansion.


David Rees:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is called a party hole. I designed this hole by myself. And then some people were like “David, why do you call it a party hole? It’s just you. There’s no guests. No one else can join you.”

I hope you guys are watching Going Deep with David Rees, it’s my favorite program of the year. (via trinandtonic)



Really impressed by the “Dream Analysis” section of my iPhone’s new Health app!


I accidentally watched some CNN at the airport today.



Oceanographers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered the heat content change of the Earth has been severely underestimated.  New calculations suggest that the amount of heat added to the Earth in the last 35 years is 24% to 58% higher than thought, due to poor sampling of ocean temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere.  The results have global implications as the ocean absorbs over 90% of the heat due to trapping by greenhouse gases.  The implications are that there has been greater net inflow of energy from the Sun, and greater amounts being stored in the world’s oceans.

The scientists obtained satellite measurements of sea surface heights, and combined it with ocean temperature data collected between 1970 and 2004, a 35 year period.  The reason for using sea surface height is that the volume change of the ocean is intimately linked to temperature: water expands as it is being warmed and additional water is added by increased melt from land ice.

An analysis of the southern hemisphere reveals that global warming has been underestimated by 24% to 58%.



You Have Not Converted a Man Because You Have Silenced Him by Ben Shahn (1968, offset lithograph)


“Stop using your [design work] like a time card. If you did it right, it looks like it was effortless. It looks like it’s always existed. And the client will probably be irritated that they paid you for 30 hours of work to do something that looks like it took an hour. Which it did. They’re just not seeing the 29 hours of bad design that got you to that one hour of good design. And for the love of god, please don’t show them those 29 hours of bad design. A presentation is a shitty place for a sausage-making demonstration and you’ll just come across as a defensive, unsure person needing validation. Sell the fuck out of that one hour of good design — most people can’t do ten minutes of it.”


UX event.



"How do you like living alone, Henry?" I ask myself.

"I’ve got a better question," I reply. "What if all my hoodies sat at the dining room table like they were friends?"